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Vocalvibes is a versatile vocalist who has performed everything from Classical, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, Country and much more. The name was created by me. I am a vocalist and I want to create great vibes through my music. My real name is Lisa Lynn Heacock, my maiden name is Ferstadt.. I am a 29 year old vocalist located in the Tucson, AZ. area currently. My interests are poetry, singing, dancing, acting, Karaoke, theatre, musicals and watching movies.

I have done lots of performance work with many different musical groups on the University of Arizona campus and in the state of Arizona. I currently am looking to start a jazz band which will consist of 5 vocalists-1 tenor, 1 bass, 1 second soprano, 1 soprano, myself as the alto and then a keyboardist, bass guitar player, and a drummer. If you are interested in this opportunity please email me and let me know of your interests. I am a very serious musician who is looking to go all the way.

Listen to my clip and see what you think. More clips coming as soon as they are available.

My biggest influences are Manhattan Transfer, TAFKAP aka Prince, Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Tears For Fears, Dianne Reeves,DC Talk, AZ Yet and many others.

I am very versatile and really enjoy making beautiful music. My first love will always be music.I have always aspired to be a professional singer.I have done a lot of musical performing and am ready and willing to be a part of the industry. I am hoping for that chance in the NEAR FUTURE:-) Check out My Resume for info. 



    VOCAL CLIPS INCLUDED BELOW:-) Real Audio clips. I am in the process of recording my demo very soon. More vocal clips should be here once I get the demo accomplished.

I Believe I Can Fly Clip


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